Testimonials from famous authors

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

New York Times bestselling author

“Isabelle has worked with me, put me on this program and I AM hugely grateful to her - I love her work and I love her as well.”

Gary Quinn

Bestselling author of "The Yes Frequency" and "May the Angels Be With You"

"Isabelle von Fallois' new book "The Power of Your Angels" (a 28-day-program to change your life and create miracles together with the angels) is uplifting and helps readers create deep lasting bonds with angels. A positive read and a real gem of a book. Isabelle's work is bringing love, light and peace to the planet. I highly recommend it!"

Colette Baron-Reid

Bestselling author of „The Map“ and „Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much“

„If you are willing to dig deep and surrender with the help of the angels, Isabelle’s 28-day-program "The Power of Your Angels" will help you to find the hidden treasures in your pain and past, to rise above your limits and to co-create miracles together with the angels.“

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F. Astrol. S.

Astrologer to the Stars at the 78th Academy Awards, bestselling author of "Astrology for Enlightenment"

“Isabelle von Fallois' loving light radiates through all that she says, writes, does and is. An Angel in human form, she is the most perfect channel to help us find within the pure love and power that helps us connect with our divine truth. Her first English book “The Power of our Angels” brings us beyond anything that has ever been revealed about the angelic realm, with the grace and magic that is so uniquely hers. I cannot recommend her work enough. She is a true blessing on this planet.”

Elisabeth Jensen

International Teacher of Angel Miracles Courses and Principal of Isis Mystery School Australia

“Isabelle von Fallois is a living inspiration to many people. Now let her teach you to create your own Angel healing miracles as she guides you through her powerful program „The Power of Your Angels“ in the company of your Angels.”

Glennyce Eckersley

Broadcaster and author of the bestselling book “An Angel At My Shoulder”

Only in recent times have we felt alone and isolated, in need of guidance from a higher power. Countless people are struggling to find a spiritual program to turn their lives around. Isabelle von Fallois’ inspirational new book provides a 28-day tool box for changing one's life. A soul journey tapping into not only personal experiences, but the power of nature and the angels. For those seeking signposts on a spiritual pathway, there is no better map than Isabelle's book.

Denise Linn

Bestselling author of "Sacred Space"

"Isabelle von Fallois' new book, "The Power of Your Angels" is a 28-day-program that really works! It will help you create lasting and deep connections with your angels. This book radiates a vibration of joy and blessings that will sink deep into the hidden crevices of your soul. I highly recommend it!"

Arielle Ford

Bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret”

"Isabelle von Fallois is a true earth angel. She can teach you powerful and effective techniques to transform and enhance your life by working directly with your guardian angels and many other beings in the angelic realm. She is a wise and wonderful healer, teacher and mystic."

Stewart Pearce

Angel Medium, Sound Healer, Master of Voice and bestselling author

“Isabelle has done it again. This exquisite Angel Teacher has brought us another work of great beauty. Yet on this occasion her book “The Power of Your Angels”, designed to lovingly urge us into profound communion with the Angelic Communion, also provides us with a work manual, with which to prepare our own spiritual countenance. To become less fixed by the minutiae of life, and to discover the gravity of our existence. This means that, as in the words of St Augustine: “Every visible thing in this world has an Angelic power placed over it” in order for us to feel the true weight and purpose of our existence. Surely when we fully embody our SOUL we will feel, see and hear the true meaning for why the Angels are overshadowing of our lives. Bravo Isabelle!”

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