I am happy to be able to
introduce you to the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training today.

After I myself was healed from my leukemia with the help of the angels, I had a deep desire to also support other people as they traveled their paths. So I completed many different training programs and have had magnificent experiences with countless clients from all over the world at my practice in Munich, Germany.

During this time, I also received very powerful tools from the spiritual world, which have already helped many people.

Due to the great deal of time I spent traveling in "the service of angels," after a while, I was no longer able to conduct individual sessions. So it became clear that it would be best to find a way to pass my tools on to other people; this is how the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training began in 2009. Now there are approximately 300 ANGEL LIFE COACH®es in 11 countries.

The ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training consists of three modules, in which I teach many different tools.

After each module, it is possible to be certified by completing and documenting a certain number of (free) sessions. Of course, it is also possible to simply participate in the training program for yourself, without becoming certified as an ANGEL LIFE COACH®

The modules and their associated tools: 

  • ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training Module – Tools: Angel Readings & Emotional Balance with Angels
  • Advanced ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training Module – Tools: Shadow Integration, Shadow Process & Angel Trance Coaching
  • Master ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training Module – Tools: ISIS ANGEL HEALING® & Past-Life Regressions with Angels

By the way, each of today's Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®es submitted 74 documented sessions to receive my certification. In my opinion, that clearly demonstrates a great achievement and true dedication.

For those who have completed all three modules, I will most likely be offering a post-graduate program or additional training each year as I myself constantly receive new tools from the spiritual world.

  •  Post-Graduate ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training – Tool: Soul Regressions (with Angels and Unicorns)


Advanced ANGEL LIFE COACH® Module:

Master ANGEL LIFE COACH® Module:

Postgraduate Modules:

Testimonial about the three modules from a participant:

Elisabetta Lupano, Master ANGEL LIFE COACH® from Italy


It's like entering a fairytale world. It is the discovery and evidence that something else truly exists, far beyond our dimension, our self and our ego, and it leads us with love and trust on this increasingly unbelievable journey.

Wonderful days spent in a magical place in nature where the presence and vibrancy of the angels is heightened and amplified and – why not – true angelic visions can be seen. The miracle is that all of this happens and never leaves you, not even during everyday life. A journey of love and of awakening your divine potential with a team of 'living' angels, who support each step of the way to rebirth with love and light. It is the beginning of true change in your life!

Advanced ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training

... the fairytale continues.

Discovery and real understanding of the angels' love and energy can be truly healing and make life easier with these unbelievable and effective tools and techniques. The advanced training program is a promise for the future. The awareness that we experience new healing in our lives and also in the lives of others grows constantly.

Mediumistic perception grows, angelic vibrations increase and miracles happen! The connection of the entire group is strengthened; together, we ALL develop further and leave an old part of our lives behind to be reborn and to regenerate while the wings of the angels surround us...

Master ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training

The loving and gentle journey that leads us through the master training program is a path that leads us into the eighth dimension! New vibrations, different than those we experienced before, so heightened, so elevated, so enhanced... It is impossible to achieve this without completing the entire process of all the modules.

An unbelievable experience!

The master training program is

  • the confirmation of everything that is coming
  • evolution of the soul
  • profound adjustment to the revolutionary changes that we are currently going through
  • pure mastery

Skillfully-taught techniques that are not of this world but are needed by this world NOW.

The path followed up to this point can be understood with the profound insight that the acquired tools can truly help other people's lives with angelic healing because we are all instruments of divine love.

Isabelle is tireless, helping you throughout the entire process from beginning to end... and above and beyond.

Her light, her truth and her undeniable talents are there and available to anyone who may need them.

Thank you, Isabelle, for this unbelievable experience! Thank you for this magical journey of the soul!

From the bottom of my heart

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