Since 2006 Mary Magdalene is one of my daily companions like Jesus Christ since my childhood.

With the best will I can no more imagine my life without the guidance of these two wonderful beings or human creatures.

Nevertheless, not so long time ago, I had no clue at all about what they meant for me.

Between Christmas 2012 and april 2013 I had again to face a serious health challenge, so that I wasn’t sure to be able to stay here on this planet any longer.

But deeply inside me I knew that ALL had a higher sense, since during the night I was blessed by countless apparitions of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

In summer 2013 Mary Magdalene called me finally to visit her grotto in the Massiv de Saint Baume, in southern France, where she lived in absolute retirement for 33 years healing people.

Still today I’m barely able to describe in words what I experienced there …

Suffice is to say that it was by far the deepest spiritual experience and initiation I could experience in this life…

It was pure grace…and I’m endlessly grateful for that till today…

I stayed in that holy place for many hours during which Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ talked all the time to me, they healed me in the holiest way and started together to download the MAGDALENE HEALING®, I was allowed to teach to my Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®es some weeks later during the 2. Postgraduate.

The healing that occurred there was in the rightest meaning of the word WONDER-full!

The MAGDALENE HEALING® consists of 4 consecutive sessions, the so called

  • HEALING WORDS© for more self love
  • HEALING WORDS© for forgivness
  • HEALING WORDS© for physical themes
  • HEALING WORDS© for rejuvenation

A MAGDALENE HEALING® does not obviously replace a medical or a therapeutic treatment.

MAGDALENE HEALING®s may be given ONLY  personally.


Testimonials from my Coaches

Johanna Raymont, Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®

My dear Isabelle,

Two weeks have already gone by since you gave me a MAGDALENE HEALING® during your 2. Postgraduate Training.

The first two weeks of a new life, because since then everything is different: I see life and people around through the eyes of love.

This spiritual treasure Healing Words© of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ you passed to us during this training reconnect us with our divine self, to all that is and to divine love. Could there be a  bigger gift?

During your rejuvenation-session, one out of the four different types of MAGDALENE HEALING®, I could undergo deep processes. I emerged in a state of syncronicity between past, presence and future and I saw many old lives being shown simultaneously before my very eyes. On one hand, I felt how trauma were released and on the other hand how old capacities were again activated while I was also able to get insights buried in the deepest depths of my subconscious.

I saw and felt Mary Magdalene and even more distinctly Jesus Christ himself standing in front of me and I heard them, very clearly, speaking to me through you.

Can there be a greater grace?

At the end of the session you told me and all the participants that for the first time you were able to see with your physical eyes that matter does not exist, since when Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ were working on me you could see my skin changing, and the single particles shifting.

It was as if a snake would have shed its skin,

Where the snake stands for the highest symbol for healing and transformation.

I became aware of the whole extent of the healing only in the following weeks. My body is ca. 5/10 years younger. My spine is again totally  flexible as if released from a heavy weariness, showing up especially during the ballet classes.

Since this session I feel as if the gravity of my arms and legs would have changed.

I’m less attached to the earth but still well rooted.

Back in Spain, I got a proof also on the tridimensional level so to make me clear that it wasn’t just a dream.

The day after my return, unsuspectedly, I took off  to replace the gas bottle (in south of Spain water is still heated with gas). I was just there getting out the empty bottle from my car and putting it next to the depot, located near an open area, when my glance fell on a giant snake, the size of a python, at a distance of about 10 meters!!!

I was just gazing astonished, till the guy from the depot told me that the snake was bitten by his dogs and was dying.

There it was in front of me the symbol of healing and transformation, but also death as a sign that something old was allowed to go.

I was deeply touched and gaped speechless for a couple of minutes till the guy brought me back to reality. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Isabelle for having decided to walk this way and to bring back to earth this ancient healing knowledge.

Many people who have been waiting for it since a long time will be saved.


Your sister in the heart,

Johanna Johanna Raymont, Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®

Barbara Crittin, Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®

The 31st of october 2013 the time had come. I was ready to start for the 2. Postgraduate of the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training of Isabelle von Fallois. “If only I had no cough and this recurring sore throat” I thought wondering if I could really participate. Apart from that I had no fever and I felt well, so I took off.

I could witness days of deep emotions – it was wonderful. Isabelle teached us, in a wonderful way as always, the so called MAGDALENE HEALING®, she received as a sacred ritual.

Nevertheless the soar throat became nearly unbearable and I was considering not to stay till the last day…This was my intention … but things turned out differently: the third day Isabelle showed the third session of the MAGDALENE HEALING®s, the so called “HEALING WORDS© FOR PHYSICAL THEMES” on one of her assistants.

Our task was to read along the script, to observe and to prepare some questions. I was sitting in the last row and I decided to follow the ritual as if I would stand in front of Isabelle.

I was repeating the affirmations and the ritual phrases very silently and in deep connection with myself and suddenly I was aware how I felt better and better.

At the end of the „ HEALING WORDS© for physical themes” my sore throat disappeared completely! What a wonder!!

For me this seminar was very important. I perceive an extraordinary depth, a warmth in me and in my heart which were possible thanks to these days.

Thank you to Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, to all the heavenly beings who healed me, thank you Isabelle for your words and your loving guidance.

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