The Power of Your Angels

The workshop accompanying the book
 Walk your own path and make your life’s dreams come true

We live in times of change that might present a big challenge for each and every one of us, making it even more important to live in peace with yourself and All-that-is. This is only possible when we leave our old baggage that we keep carrying around with us behind. The angels are wonderful companions on this path because they can see very clearly and help us step by step.

This workshop will be a journey and expedition, for it is important to look within to realize what thoughts and beliefs from the past are holding you back, and then to increase your vibrations with the help of the angels to build a new resonance that will help you live the life of your dreams more and more.

 “Isabelle has worked with me, put me on this program, and I AM hugely grateful to her - I love her work and I love her as well.”

 Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, New York Times bestselling author

 "Isabelle von Fallois' new book, ‘The Power of Your Angels’ (a 28-day-program to change your life and create miracles together with the angels), is uplifting and helps readers create deep, lasting bonds with angels. A positive read and a real gem of a book. Isabelle's work is bringing love, light and peace to the planet. I highly recommend it!"

 Gary Quinn, bestselling author of
"The Yes Frequency" and "May the Angels Be With You"

 „If you are willing to dig deep and surrender with the help of the angels, Isabelle’s 28-day-program, "The Power of Your Angels," will help you to find the hidden treasures in your pain and past, to rise above your limits and to co-create miracles together with the angels.“

Colette Baron-Reid, bestselling author of
“The Map” and “Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much”

Hundreds of people have already completed the 28-Day-Angel-Program, “The Power of Your Angels,” and witnessed miracles in their lives! Do you also want to experience how to do it?

Then let Isabelle von Fallois be your guide during this workshop and enjoy her deep, transforming, live-channeled Angel meditations. Be ready – it may cause miracles!

 Contents of the workshop

  • Reflection
  • Exercises
  • Channeled meditations
  •  Raising your frequency
  • Manifestation

What Workshop Participants Have to Say

Katja from Frankfurt/Main

Isabelle is an angel on Earth. The guided meditations have sparked many positive things in me. She is very loving and if someone asks a question, she completely focuses on this person. She presents good methods to practice in daily life to remain clearer and more centered. With the help of the angels and the idea of a life plan it's easier... Thanks to the seminar, I found myself again and recognized what life is really about. That feels good and I am very satisfied. 

S. Mazarin

I experienced a coaching weekend with friends from another dimension – in other words, with the angels. For anyone who likes coaching style, speed, angels, and clarity, and who wants to learn a lot in a short time, wonderful: Isabelle is right for you. People who would rather gently shroud themselves and not do anything else should probably look for other angel workshops. Otherwise, they might be surprised at how challenged one can be here and how deep the workshop is...

It is not as if you simply call the angels and they take over everything that happens in life, rather, it is more like hiring a moving service that provides boxes and drives them from point A to point B, but you have to pack and unpack the boxes yourself and know where you actually want to go... 

S. Berndt

Isabelle von Fallois is a wonderful speaker and practices what she preaches. You can totally feel that. She is a very understanding person and can convey the topic wonderfully. I floated home both days, even though some exercises were exhausting.
You feel good and have the impression that you now have several angels in your life who stay by your side to help you overcome difficult situations. It makes you hungry for more. :-)

H. Aschl

The professional presentation that grew out of the speakers' decades of experience is impressive. The authenticity and unbelievable range of knowledge – this woman was able to provide an appropriate answer to every question or even give a lecture. The humorous, respectful, and competent way to handle sensitive questions and problems or the emotional realities of the participants. The wonderful humor of the speakers. The functioning system of wish and goal fulfillment and attainment of desires and goals. There were countless "a-ha" experiences.

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