Soul Regressions with Angels and Unicorns

During the last year, I was able to receive another new, truly "wonder-full" tool from the spiritual world, the so-called Soul Regressions with Angels and Unicorns.

All of the people I was able to guide to the other side of the veil until now to experience the lessons, the plan and the mission for their souls in this life were deeply touched because they could sense the ETERNAL LOVE that rules there and is the true essence of humanity. They could recognize what their purpose in life is, what the lessons of their soul for this incarnation are, and much more...

The words of a very famous person I had the honor of guiding through the veil were: "What can be greater than experiencing this? More is simply not possible!!"

Because this tool must be used delicately and a certain amount of trust is required on both sides, I ask that my Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®es not use Soul Regressions until at least the second session.

These sessions should also be carried out in person. Only coaches chosen by the angels from my personal team are presently allowed to also conduct them via Skype with a camera.

Of course, this type of session does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

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