Past-Life Regressions with Angels and Raziel's Karma & Trauma Healing

I had a tremendous fascination with past lives from an early age because my father told me of an interesting book by a Swedish doctor who led people on journeys into other lives using hypnotism. These people could suddenly speak languages that they never learned or exactly describe places that they had never visited in their present lives.

I myself suffered from the oddest phenomena. Strangely enough, from an early age, I would always get sick on Good Friday and always suffered immensely whenever I saw images of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which I saw in a dream (our family got our first television when I was well over 20 years old). I could not explain how these things fit together.

It was only after I fell ill with leukemia and already had close contact with the angels that I figured it out – and I traveled back in time. In the process, I became aware that I must have been present back then. I resolved the trauma that still apparently sat deep in my bones using a method I received from Archangel Raziel. From then on, I have never been sick during Easter again.

Also, during my work with so many different people from so many different countries, I have determined that many of our issues today are connected to trauma from the old days.

So I asked the angels to provide me with a method to solve this. As a result, the passive and interactive Past-Life Regression with Angels and Raziel's Karma & Trauma Healing came into existence.

The results that I have experienced using both of these tools are often on the verge of true miracles.

These tools are different from traditional types of regressions in that this angelic form not only focuses on receiving knowledge from the past to gain a better understanding of present issues, but also provides help from the angels to gently resolve the blocks or trauma associated with the past.

I love these gentle but very powerful tools in particular because the insight and understanding of humanity that I was able to receive by working with hundreds, even thousands of past lives, is worth more than gold.

Because these tools must be used delicately and a certain amount of trust is required on both sides, I ask that my Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®es not use them until at least the second session.

These sessions should also be carried out in person. Only coaches chosen by the angels from my personal team are presently allowed to also conduct them via Skype with a camera.

Of course, this type of session does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

Testimonial for one of my coaches

Margarete Cäcilia Koester, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

I feel that the "Past-Life Regressions with Angels" are a great gift from the angels, shared with us by Isabelle. It is more pleasant to be led to a problem in a goal-oriented way than it is to walk aimlessly through the vastness of a past life. 

That gave me an additional feeling of security and well-being. The resolution of a karmic connection burdened by a very dark time is an experience that I felt was very freeing. A heavy burden has fallen from my soul.

One thing became clear to me: The more open I am when I face my issues and the more I take responsibility for myself, the clearer the guiding voices become – and help is there. It gives my soul and myself great happiness, dear Johanna (Johanna Raymont, Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®), to have you by my side as an ANGEL LIFE COACH®. My encounter with you is a gift from the angels, which I accept with an open heart.

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