As I unsuspectingly took my seat in the airplane heading to Maui, Hawai'i from Los Angeles, I decided to meditate, as I very often do in the air.

But instead of meditating, I was instantly taken to another time and place – ancient Egypt. Together with another person I also know in this life, I found myself in front of the famous statue of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Before I could even think about what it all meant, the sphinx began to speak to my companion and me. It told us of an ancient energetic healing method, which the goddess Isis performed on and transfered to both of us in ancient Egypt.

It also said that it was now time to make the method available to humanity again; and I received the first pieces of information right away.

During many meditations, I ultimately received what is now called ISIS ANGEL HEALING®. It is a wonderful tool to balance disturbances on the physical and psychic levels of the meridian and Chakra planes, stimulate self-healing abilities and also a perfectly gentle way to resolve traumatic experiences.

I myself had the great honor of giving an ISIS ANGEL HEALING® to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, who has been a New York Times bestselling author many times over. He said that he was familiar with many other, more well-known methods but had never before felt the energy so directly. So wherever we happened to meet, I gave him an ISIS ANGEL HEALING. This, along with many other things, is what he refers to in his testimonial about me when he says, "... I love her work and I also love her."

At the end of 2012, my own health again began to suffer due to tireless journeys and work in the service of the angels and I was desperately in need of help.

Thanks to the ISIS ANGEL HEALING®s that both of my wonderful friends, Susanna and Johanna, gave to me (both are Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®es) and thanks to other miracles, I am now healthy again!

Of course, ISIS ANGEL HEALING® does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

ISIS ANGEL HEALING®s can be carried out in person, via Skype with a camera, or as a remote treatment.

Testimonial of one of my coaches



Andrea Böhm, Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®

If you participate in a seminar with Isabelle, then there are many things you can experience. First and foremost, you meet fantastic people.

I had suffered from migraines since my early childhood and had been searching for a long time for ways to free myself from them. Over the years, sometimes they got better, sometimes they got worse. Two years ago, I met Isabelle and learned that when we have an illness that simply cannot be healed and constantly affects us, it probably has to do with an issue in our lives that cannot necessarily be treated with conventional methods.

I then decided to participate in ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training with Isabelle. The only problem: The first Master course (third part of the training) was already full when I tried to register. My friend, Anna Elisa Weber (Master ANGEL LIFE COACH®), was faster than I was and had already taken the course. This was a stroke of luck for me, because she went through her course homework with me. My issue was, of course, the migraines. Within three weeks, I participated in an ISIS ANGEL HEALING® remote treatment and two Past-Life Regressions with Angels, along with Raziel Healing for this issue. For me, the result is simply magnificent! Since then, I have only had one brief hint of a headache. Other than that, for three months, I have been free of symptoms that often occurred weekly and lasted several days.

I would like to thank Anna Elisa from the bottom of my heart for working so lovingly with me, and Isabelle, who shared these wonderful techniques with us.

Moreover, six years ago, I developed high blood pressure. Using the methods that I learned with Isabelle in the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training courses over the last 18 months, I felt increasingly better and the extreme fluctuations in my blood pressure disappeared. But my blood pressure was still too high. A clear sign for me was always when I could hear blood rushing in my ears. Then I knew I would have to increase the dosage of my medication for the next two to three days.

While I was taking part in Master ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training, it happened again. During the night, I could hear a loud rushing sound. Because I don't like taking pills, I decided to try using the techniques we had learned that day.

I stood up and began to purify my Chakras with the help of the angel, Shushienae (preparation part of ISIS ANGEL HEALING®).

When I was finished with the purification, I could hear nothing but peace and quiet. My blood pressure was fine again. For me, that was a miracle – especially because Chakra purification takes place before the actual healing session, which I ended up not needing. I have now reduced the medication that I take by half and it has never become the focus of a session. I am sure that if I continue to treat it using the techniques I learned, everything will come back into balance.

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