Angel Trance Coaching

One beautiful day in Maui, Hawai’i, I had several encounters with whales, those wonderfully powerful creatures of the ocean. As I explain in my book "The Power of Your Angels", I not only received the entire structure of the book I just mentioned from them – I also received the idea for the so-called Angel Trance Coaching.

This differs from both the Trance Coaching method taught by Dr. Roy Martina and the Angel Trance Meditations that he and I developed together.

With the help of the angel energies, you are first energetically cleansed and then your autonomic nervous system and subconscious are opened to receiving and anchoring the positive programming of the new patterns and goals you desire.

I love this method, which is based on the different elements of relaxation, angel energies and trance, especially because it is very gentle and makes it possible for us to shape our reality to fit our desires and our goals more and more over time.

Please do not confuse a trance with hypnosis because a trance is a completely natural state. You have all had the experience of completely forgetting your surroundings when something (like a film, a book, a football game, etc.) was so exciting, that you were completely captivated by it. This is exactly what a trance state is.

The entire Angel Trance Coaching session is recorded by each ANGEL LIFE COACH® so that the client can listen to it over a longer period of time to further activate self-healing abilities and anchor new synapses in the brain. As many scientific studies have shown, the brain needs between 21 and 28 days to break old patterns and create new, powerful synapses.

Of course, this type of session does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

"Angel Trance Coaching" sessions can be carried out in person or via Skype with a camera.

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