Shadow Process

I developed the so-called "process" with the help of the angels to resolve injuries, blocks or shadows and trauma at the energetic level.

This tool from the spiritual world has also allowed me to experience wonderful changes in myself and in others. Today, I am happy about the enthusiastic feedback from my coaches.

The process itself consists of three parts to create positive change in the different levels of reality.

In the first part of the process, you go on a metaphoric journey to track down the source of the block and to gently transform it.

In the second part, the positive change is amplified on the physical level by tapping different acupuncture points using a shortened form of Emotional Balance with Angels.

In the third part, your goal for the respective session is finally powerfully anchored.

The entire process is recorded by each ANGEL LIFE COACH® so that the client can listen to it over a longer period of time to further activate self-healing abilities and anchor new synapses in the brain. As many scientific studies have shown, the brain needs between 21 and 28 days to break old patterns and create new, powerful synapses.

This method is as simple as it is gentle and enables you to resolve injuries and blocks from as far back as your childhood on an energetic level.

Of course, this type of session does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

"Shadow Process" sessions can be carried out in person or via Skype with a camera.

Kate Hall (EN)

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