Shadow Integration with Angel Lavinia

On a flight to my vacation destination, an angel who I had never seen before suddenly appeared between me and the seat in front of me. When I asked "Who are you?“ the friendly answer was "I am Angel Lavinia, the Angel of Shadows. I am here to help you make peace with your shadows."

And so, my vacation became an intense confrontation with my own shadows, which was extremely healing, because all people are made of light and shadow. That is part of the duality. It is not about ridding ourselves of all shadows, rather about learning to recognize them, work on them, and to make peace with them.

Angel Lavinia helps us to be at peace with both sides of the coin because we can only become whole people when we completely accept all aspects of our selves, as Carl Gustav Jung already knew:


After spending my vacation working hard on this, I experienced wonderful surprises with people who I considered difficult to work with before working with Lavinia – and two new, powerful tools were created:

Shadow Integration with Angel Lavinia and the Shadow Process.

Shadow Integration with Angel Lavinia is an extremely simple, yet very effective tool. You can also work with it alone, every day, anywhere and often experience immediate results.

Of course, Shadow Integration does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

Shadow Integrations are solely carried out in person and almost always combined with the Shadow Process. This is why there is no testimonial.

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