Emotional Balance with Angels

The very effective "Emotional Balance" method was originally developed by Dr. Roy Martina, who kindly allowed me to further develop it with the help of the angels because I was so sure that the additional angel energy would contribute to the depth of the results.

I have been able to use it to help countless people over the last five years. I am especially happy that I have also been able to pass on this "technique" to my future coaches for the past three years, so more and more people have the chance to experience wonderful things through "Emotional Balance with Angels."

The purpose of this technique is to bring the subconscious mind, which often sabotages us for many different reasons, into harmony with the desires and goals of the conscious mind (or to make them congruent) to achieve the best possible results.

This involves a simple technique in which spoken affirmations and tapping on 14 acupuncture points, which are associated with the 14 main emotions, create emotional balance with the help of angel energies.

This method is as simple as it is effective and enables you to work with each issue on an energetic level, to release it and thus exert a positive effect on feelings, the spirit and, ultimately, also on the body.

Of course, this type of session does not replace medical treatment or therapy.

"Emotional Balance with Angels" sessions can be carried out in person or via Skype with a camera.


Testimonial from one of my coaches:

Susanne Völker, Advanced ANGEL LIFE COACH®

Dear Isabelle

I am overjoyed and filled with profound gratitude and delight that I was able to learn how to use such amazing tools over the course of my ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training.

I was recently able to give my dear niece an EB (Emotional Balance with Angels – based on Omega Health Coaching from Dr. Roy Martina and further developed by Isabelle von Fallois) and we experienced a miracle:

My niece suffered incredible pain after a knee operation and had lost faith in her body's abilities. She plays on a junior girls soccer team and, since her knee operation, hadn't been able to play soccer as well or as confidently as before. She was very frustrated about this and thought about quitting.

The angels gave me information about her knee problems, telling me that they were caused by fears and false beliefs. I was then happy to guide her through an EB concerning the specific fears and false beliefs. Over the course of the EB process, we were filled with feelings of incredible ease and buoyancy. Furthermore, the unbelievable presence of archangel Michael could be felt during the EB and I saw and felt that the block dissolved from her body – it was simply wonderful.

Now for the most amazing part: That evening, my niece played "the game of her life" during her soccer match. Spectators and coaches were astounded and could not explain this "spontaneous healing."

My niece was overjoyed and was simply radiant with happiness. And the memories of the "pain" were erased from her system. Her confidence in her body and her abilities had returned. She was FREE again!

Even now, weeks later, she has improved even more and does her daily (EB) homework with joy and delight. Her confidence has improved infinitely.

And she knows that if she has something to process in the future, she has an aunt who can work with the amazing angel tools.

I am simply happy and overjoyed that I was able to be her coach with the angels.

The possibilities for healing and BECOMING WHOLE with your tools are just WONDER-full.

What a GIFT!


All the best!

Big Angel Hug


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