Angel Readings

During an Angel Reading (counseling by angels) you ask one or several questions that are important and meaningful to you, and an ANGEL LIFE COACH® passes this on to the angels. As a medium between you and the angels, the coach receives messages and answers that help you find more clarity and recognize the next steps or tasks in your life to make it easier for you to manage them.

You always receive loving and helpful messages from angels. It is possible that the message you receive doesn't seem to be immediately related to your question. This is because angels always answer the aspect of a question that is to your greatest benefit.

An Angel Reading is not a statement about your future and does not replace medical treatment or therapy. But the angels would like to help and accompany you along your personal journey with the messages.

Angel Readings can be performed face to face, over the telephone or via Skype, with or without angel cards.


Heide E.

Stainz, Austria

"The Angel Reading and the messages engraved and recorded themselves onto my internal 'hard drive.' For me, that is a turning point. Thanks to the reading, truth was spoken and I felt recognized and infinitely loved. Now I have angels by my side who actively support me with concrete instructions and a presence that I can strongly feel. That gives me strength and new confidence. In truth, all of this is priceless. My most sincere thanks to Isabelle for her illuminating, beneficial work and her service to humanity."

Diana Neumann

Brussels, Belgium

"I would like speak praise for Ms. von Fallois here for her bright personality and her wonderful work. Just hearing her voice on the telephone does incredible good. She has a soothing yet encouraging presence. She is unbelievably insightful and you can immediately feel that she does her work with a lot of love. She made her career her calling.

I personally think it is particularly good that I don't just receive a reading, but am also given "homework" to do so that I can work on myself and/or certain situations with the help of the angels. In this way, a large part of the responsibility for healing and change lies with me in the end, and isn't completely given to another, external person. I think that this is a very important point that protects you from becoming dependent on a healer/medium/etc.

Even days after a Reading, the effects of clarity, peace, love and strength can be felt and independently integrated into everyday life with others.

I wish Ms. von Fallois much light and love for her journey and heavenly guidance from above."

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