Renate Ingruber, Tirol, 2010

Documentary Filmmaker and Director

"We were at the International Angel Convention in Salzburg in 2010 to film our documentary, 'Den Engeln auf der Spur'. An interview with Isabelle was also planned.

We spontaneously decided to sit in the lecture hall and, lo and behold – Isabelle was right there on the stage. We were surprised to see her sitting at the piano.

What we then experienced can hardly be expressed in words:

Piano playing and words – we later learned that both were channeled – gently surrounded us and it felt like being carried away to another dimension on angel wings.

A very delicate yet powerful and clear energy filled the room and brought me to cathartic tears."

Other comments

Michelle Karén, Los Angeles, 2007

Astrologer to the Stars at the 2006 Academy Awards in Hollywood

“When I first met Isabelle von Fallois, all I could see was her bright, shining, white light. She radiates so much joy and beauty, you would never believe she’s a survivor. And when she sat down at her grand piano in front of over 300 people, as she started drawing pure magic from her instrument, a religious silence fell over the room. I have never, in years of attending great concerts, heard Rachmaninoff played with such power, passion and sensitivity. It was as if Isabelle was channeling her music directly from the heavens. It’s a concert I shall never forget - one of those special moments where the divine meets the human. Isabelle von Fallois is a very, very unique being - a stunning woman who really is an Angel. I feel blessed to know her and my life is forever enriched by the purity and enlightenment of her music.”

Gustavo Russo, Buenos Aires, 2001

Dancer, Choreograph und Director of “Tango Seducción” 

„Isabelle von Fallois plays Piazzolla like a Pianist from Buenos Aires!”

Cheryl Johnson, New York, 2001

“Puccini-Foundation”, New York 

“Her Chopin is overwhelming!”

Augusto Ferrera, Long Beach, 1998


"It's as though Chopin composed for Isabelle von Fallois…" 

José Luis Montón, Madrid, 1997


"There are very few musicians who know no routine. Isabelle von Fallois always plays with great intensity from beginning to end."

Thomas Hampson, Wien 1993

Opera Singer

"Even an old piano sounds like a Steinway in the hands of Isabelle von Fallois."

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