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About Isabelle

After a near-death experience at the age of eight, I repeatedly had visions and dreams about the future. But music remained my greatest passion.

It was only when I fell ill with leukemia 13 years ago that I really began to concentrate on angels and other light-filled beings. Within a very short time, I received exact instructions from the archangels and became perfectly healthy again.


Today, I travel the world, have written four books which have been translated into several languages, have recorded over 50 channeled meditations, hold lectures and workshops, and lead the internationally successful ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training program, which I developed.

After being featured on the Bavarian television station, Bayrisches Fernsehen, I had the chance to appear in several spiritual films, which were shown in theaters in Germany and abroad.

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I developed the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training program to give other people the tools that helped me on my path to health after falling ill with leukemia. In some cases, I was given permission to further develop certain methods. In other cases, methods were given to me directly by the spiritual world.

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Because some people do not want training (ALCT), I also offer workshops about various topics in Germany and abroad.

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Here, you can always learn more about my upcoming dates for lectures, book presentations, workshops, and training courses in Germany and abroad.


Audio & Video

A live DVD recorded in Rome at the book presentation of "The Power of Your Angels" is available here - and 28 of my meditations will be presented here soon.

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In addition to my childhood dream of becoming a pianist, writing has also always been a great desire of mine. But if someone had told me nine years ago that I, the pianist, would write books about angels and the like, I never would have believed it.

Yet, in the meantime, I have written four books, which have all been translated into Italian and will now soon be published in other languages all around the world – also in English...

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